How well do you have to recruit in order to win it all? Let's dive into the numbers.
Ohio State is out. What does the top 4 look like?
Recapping the stats from rivalry week
Happy Thanksgiving!If you're celebrating today, Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday teaching your older family members what Expected Points…
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Two weeks to go in the season... (number) crunch time!
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Looking back at the numbers from the weekend
Michigan State is out. Who takes their place?
Crunching the Numbers on the Weekend
CFB Playoff Rankings Initial ReleaseOhhhh it is that time of year again! Teams get numbers next to their names, and we get to debate for hours on end. The CFB Playoff initial ranki…
Happy Halloween weekend everyone! I am currently writing this article in a Wandavision Vision costume. For reference: Now that we got that out of the w…